About us

A Partner You Can Trust

Kings of Networking, Inc. provides professional network consulting to our clients by having an experienced team and partnering with companies that set the industry standard. We speak business first, then technology. We understand ROI, opportunity cost and that when you need help, you need it NOW. Too many IT companies “talk over” or “talk down” to business people. If you’ve had that happen to you, we can help. In fact, our company was founded in 2006 because we saw a need for information technology consulting from a business point of view and support that focuses on functionality and value. For firms that are moving or growing and want to expand their capabilities,or for firms that are stable and simply want to leverage what they already have, Kings of Networking can provide a range of solutions to fit your budget.

We are a network services and support Organization specializing in the design, planning, implementation and ongoing support of LAN's, WANs, Email Systems, Servers, Operating Systems, Software and related products. Our specialists provide tailored solutions and work with clients achieving specific objectives to ensure a solid upgrade path for the future.

Networks have rapidly become the mainstays of business today. Their power and flexibility provide considerable benefits in productivity/cost, yet they must be dependable. Many businesses however, find it difficult to keep pace with the ever changing world of technology and increasingly expensive to support their existing installations.

By understanding your business - topology, number of users, locations, software applications
and demands, now and in the future, we will plan, implement or upgrade a network with an infrastructure that is fast, reliable and caters for the needs of your organization. By helping you to provide a superior infrastructure, you are able to target your resources towards your real business goals and away from daily support.

For us, the sale is just the beginning.  We put our customers first with superior service and support, and we stand by them long after the sale. We're more focused and flexible than our competitors.  We're dedicated to you - and that gives us a distinct advantage.